CM Vasundhara Raje names cubs born to lioness Tejika


Celebrating the birth of cubs to Asiatic lioness Tejika, chief minister Vasundhara Raje declared their names at the state Vanmahotsav event on Monday. The female cub would be called Tara while the males have been christened Tripura and Tejas.

It is for the first time in last 29 years that a lioness has given birth to cubs at Jaipur zoo. The pure Asiatic lioness at Nahargarh Biological Park who was brought from Junagarh gave birth to five cubs. While one was a stillbirth, one more extremely weak cub did not survive. Presently the remaining three cubs are around 1.5-month old. So far, no one is being permitted to go near them and they would be put for public display only after a month or so. Presently with the lioness, the three cubs and a pure lion, the prospects of visualising a ‘lion safari’ is possible.

Tejika in the past was shown documentaries of cats bringing up their cubs in forests of South Africa and Gujarat’s Gir National Park to show her about motherhood. The forest department officials had set up a LED TV and were showing documentaries on how lions act around their cubs in nature. The six-year-old Tejika was conveyed to Jaipur from Gujarat about one and a half years prior.