Clicking Selfie,Five students drowned in a lake in Telangana’s Warangal district


Warangal: Five engineering students, including two young girls, drowned in a lake in Telangana's Warangal region on Saturday.

As indicated by the police, the six students of Vaagdevi Engineering College went to Dharmasagar lake for an excursion on Saturday. One of the girl, Ramya Pratyusha, coincidentally fell in the lake while she was trying to take a selfie.

To save Pratyusha, other students hopped into the water in a steady progression. While Pratyusha figured out how to return to the shore, the others drowned.

The victims, all aged around 18 have been identified as Sravya Reddy,  Polineni Vinuthna, Karne Shivasai, P Shivasaikrishna, and Srindhi.