Clean chit to Pakistan on Pathankot attack has weakened fight against terror: Congress


The Congress Party on Friday blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi-drove legislature of debilitating the war against terrorism in wake of the NIA giving a spotless chit to Pakistan regarding the Pathankot air base assault and said the decision allotment was in the process discouraging the security strengths, who set out their lives for the nation. 

Congress representative Randeep Surjewala said the BJP-drove NDA administration has purposely debilitated the battle against terrorism, leaving the whole military foundation, security specialists and 125 crore individuals of India profoundly tormented and anguished. 

Taking potshots at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not starting unequivocal activity against those capable, Surjewala said, "You are debilitating the war against fear. You are disrespecting the memory of the individuals who have set out their lives for this nation." 

"You are debilitating India's security powers who set out their lives against Pakistani terrorists and fringe attacks all the live long day. You are debilitating the resolution of our regular people who battle to secure India's fringes sitting on India's outskirts consistently," he included. 

Surjewala said Pakistan has supported terrorism and fear exercises against India throughout recent decades. 

"This is a truth that is surely understood in International people group as likewise with conceivable proof to India and confirmation that different governments, including past Congress government, has put on records, imparted to Pakistan and put on records on global discussions numerous times," said Surjewala.