Classy makeup tricks for girls with glasses


Eye glasses have become a necessary part of everyone’s life. Most of the girls wear sunglasses  to look smart and classy. Most of the girls are not aware about the makeup that they must do when donning eye wears. This article is all about a makeup that you must carry on to improve your look.

1. Keep well groomed eyebrows
It is necessary for a girl to have trimmed and well groomed eyebrows every time as overgrown or messy brows ruin the look. Give your eyebrows a perfect shape so that you can steal the show among other girls. Prefer to go to parlour to make your eyebrows thicker or darker frames. You can also apply eyebrow pencil on your eyebrows if you don’t have thick eyebrows.

2. Prefer matte foundation and blush

Girls with oily skin need to apply matte foundation and blusher to hide dark spots and black heads from the face. You can also use water-resistant foundation. Apart from it, use a light dusting powder over the foundation. This powder will help your eye wears to stay for a long time. Moreover, it will not make your makeup messy.

3. Do proper eye makeup

If you are wearing glasses, then prefer to use a smooth base for your eyes. Apply proper eye shadow,  eye make-up primer as well as translucent powder to fix eye glasses.

4. Apply a thinner eyeliner

Use thicker eyeliner if you are wearing thicker eye glasses or dark frames. You can also use thinner liquid eyeliner over your eyes. Your eyes will definately look the best.

5. Don’t use lumpy mascara

You can apply mascara to give your eyes a smoky look but make sure that you avoid lumpy mascara.  Don’t use too much mascara on the lower lids. Emphasize mostly on the upper lids of eyes.

6. Choose subtle lips

While doing makeup focus more on eyes rather than lips. Give your eyes smoky look to steal the show. Apply lip shade according to your skin color.

  1. At the time of going out for a party

If you are planning to go for a party, you can try bold eye makeup and can even apply glossy lip shade. One can apply bold eye liner to look classy and sexy. Make sure that you give your eyes a perfect smoky look.  It will suit best with the glasses.