Clashes In Srinagar On Eid, Police Use Tear Gas To Disperse Protesters


Srinagar saw violence on the morning of Eid as protesters conflicted with police outside the Eidgah – a huge ground situated in downtown Srinagar. The Eidgah was one of the regions where the legislature had put restrictions on Eid prayers. The conflicts begun in the morning after local people came and offered namaz.

The police were compelled to utilize poisonous gas on the dissenters, who were tossing stones at them. The group scattered after almost 20 minutes.

Conflicts were accounted for from Anantnag as well.

A week ago, a horde of more than 200 individuals had beaten Mohammad Ayub Pandith, a deputy Superintendent of Police, to death outside the Jama Masjid in Srinagar. The officer – who was on security obligation outside the mosque – had sent his colleagues home to break their fasts, and was separated from everyone else at the spot.

Calling it a dishonorable occurrence, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti said the police “are indicating most extreme restriction since they think they are managing their own people, but for how long this will continue… It will be troublesome if they lose patience.”

The Jammu and Kashmir Police have asked its personnel to avoid Id prayers in public places after the killing of the officer.

“You are encouraged to educate the field and subordinate developments that they might not offer Id prayers isolated or general mosques or idgahs,” read an advisory. It said police staff will offer Id prayers in mosques in region police lines in Srinagar.