Christmas 2017 : Google Doodle celebrates this festival with Entertaining Penguin, Parrot Family


Google India today has made special doodle to mark the starting of happiness with a four photograph series of Doodles. It is the month of devoting time to your relatives, friends and close ones.

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The doodle symbolizes Christmas Google Doodle which represents a folks of penguins getting ready for festivities by cloaking their bags and suitcases for a break.

This incessant series which began on 18th December will clarify an entire tale that would attain its end on 1st January.

The photographs represent four calendar dates including 18th December, 25th December, 31st December and 1st January. There is one photograph in the sequence that is showcasing penguin and parrot folks and 4 enfold gift boxes.

On 18th December, the twosome of penguins within a bungalow at the South Pole is noticed packing their bags for a holiday with the folks. They are apparently thrilled to be joined up with their parrot friends in a furnace area.

Now today, the penguins are noticed with their warm-weather family. The relatives of parrots have tropical fruits and the penguins have come ready with frozen fish.  On Christmas, the two folks come together to divide an appetizing feast.

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All of these illustrations mark the significance of Christmas 2017.  It will surely going to make you feel festive!