Chitragupta vrat katha


Saurashtra had a king whose name was Sudas. King was unjust and perpetrator. The king did not work ever virtue. Once the king lost in the forest while hunting. There they show a Brahmin, who were worshiped. King went to Brahmin and asked him who you are worshiping here. Brahmin said today is accusative Kartik Shukla, this day I am worshiping Yama and Chitragupta. Worship is providing salvation from hell. Then the king worshiped Yama and Chitragupta by asking the legislation to him. One day with speed of time Yama come to take the king's life. Angel tied in chains to the king's soul and took him dragged. When reached at the court of King Yama bleed pursues the king and chitragupta opened the book and said, O Yama! This King is very sinful. It always has the same sin, but date of accusative Kartik Shukla he worshiped your and mien. Therefore sins are cut and according to religion it cannot be sent to hell. Thus the king got rid of hell.

Chitragupta’s Marriage

Chitragupta ji visited Ujjain Avantipur and austerity for years. Chitragupta austerity being satisfied with gods and sages approached Brahma. Eravati, daughter of rashi sushma and nandini, daughter of sira Devi got married with Chitragupta. The two are considered the two divine powers. Sobawati every living creature are located in the left part of the policy identifies, while Nandini are located in the right part and keep track of breaths. Chitragupta ji had twelve children from two wives.

Chitragupta's twelve sons
Nandini’s three sons Bhanu, Viryanu and Vibanu and  Sobawati’s eight sons were Charu, Chitrakhyaya, Citraky, Mtiman, Himwan, Citrcharu, Arun and Jitendriy. They respectively corporation called Srivastava, Surdwaj, Valmiki, Asthana, Mathur, Gaur, Bhatnagar, sax, Ambisht, aural, and Kulshreshth. The twelve sons moved in different directions with different sages and Chitragupta ji moved to the court of Dharma raja, till today Chitragupta ji keeps all account of the deeds of all beings of creation.

Shiva Purana and Jpuji mentions also consider their religion. Brahma and three hundred thirty million gods gave this boon to chitragupta ji that the time of the day through the accusative empyrean that will get their worship. Since then, through his pen and ink pot accusative day of Chitragupta is worshiped. In mythology, King Sudas and Chitragupta worship is described by Bhishma. Chitragupta's grace Sudas Sdgti and Bhishma the boon of euthanasia was found.