Chinese social media bans “Islamophobic” terms


Chinese authorities have banned the Islamophobic terms on social media, that were used by the Chinese internet users for stigmatizing the Muslims.

This was done to prevent the unfair bias against Islam religon.

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The ban was done after an alleged fight which involved Muslim people at a toll booth went viral, the internet users bombarded the official Weibo accounts of Tangshan city government departments with complaints about China’s allegedly partial treatment of Muslims for the sake of social stability.


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“It’s necessary to timely remove radical phrases that discriminate against Islam and are biased against Muslims to prevent worsening online hatred towards the group. Those phrases severely undermine religious harmony and ethnic unity,” said Xiong Kunxin, a professor at Beijing’s Minzu University of China in Beijing.


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China is a home to 21 million Muslim population majorly the Uyghurs in Xinjian as well as Hui community who belong to Ningxia province.

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According to reports, any post against Islam cannot be posted and that they will be blocked in Weibo’s search engine.

“Blocking such phrases is not an infringement of people’s freedom of speech as freedom should abide under China’s related regulations and law,” Xiong said.