Chinese rights activist sentenced to over 7 yrs of jail


A well-known Chinese human rights extremist was today sentenced to more than seven years in jail for subverting state controls, a day after another dissident was given a three-year suspended sentence for the same offense.

Hu Shigen,has likewise been denied of his political rights for a long time, the No 2 Intermediate People's Court in Tianjin which led the trial said in its decision.

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Hu, 61, conceded and said he won't claim.

He had been in jail beforehand, serving 14 years of a 20 year sentence from 1994 to 2008 for affecting, arranging and driving "counter-progressive" exercises.

His brief trial came a day after the court issued a suspended three-year sentence to lobbyist Zhai Yanmin. Both were captured in July a year ago with two others as a major aspect of an across the country crackdown on lawful rights activists. Around 300 attorneys and activists were at first seized and addressed before most were discharged.

A further three activists from Zhai's law office Fengrui, which has practical experience in human rights cases, are likewise on trial in Tianjin.

Since 2009, he has utilized unlawful religious association to draw in illegal legal advisors and paid solicitors to spread subversive considerations and thoughts, state-run Xinhua news office said in its report.

What's more, he masterminded Gou Hongguo, another suspect, to get against China preparing abroad, the court said in an announcement.

He planned and plotted to subvert state power with others, including Zhou Shifeng, Li Heping and Zhai and set up "a deliberate belief system, technique and ventures" to accomplish it.

"I perceive the seriousness of my wrongdoings, and the tremendous harm I've conveyed to the nation, society, my family and myself," the report cited Hu as saying in his last articulation.

He said he had "for quite some time been impacted by common progressivism" andafter being discharged from jail "fell further and more profound into the criminal grime of against Party and hostile to government bunches".

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He expressed gratitude toward the administration for taking care of him while he was sick and in healing facility.

"I need to thank the police, procuratorate, judges and restorative staff for their assistance and instruction, which has been more essential than at whatever time some time recently. I am determined not to take an interest in any exercises against the Party and government later on, and be a national submitting to the law," hesaid.