Chinese Luck Prediction by Month for 2016: the year of the Monkey


Astrology: As per the Chinese Zodiac 2016 is the year of the Monkey zodiac. The year of the Monkey will start from February 8, 2016 and last to January 27, 2017. Monkey is the ninth in the 12- year cycle of Chinese Zodiac.


Detailed prediction indicates that January is not a smooth month, especially in wealth. People with Chinese zodiac Monkey sign need to pay close attention on their financial situations. They are not advised to invest money into unfamiliar fields. In addition, when cooperating with others, they should be careful about the traps. Maybe some of them are easily influenced by small diseases.


The conditions of wealth and business become better during this period. They may find out some golden chances to create more money. They are suggested to think twice before made important decisions. Although the income is stable, it’s better to make a detailed plan to record daily expenses. Accumulating wealth is an initial thing in this month.


The 3rd lunar month is lucky for Monkey People. Most of them can get new breakthroughs in work and study. Bold ideas and novel proposals can enlarge their born advantages. The previous problems or obstacles can be solved easily in this month. They should make full use of this period and improve themselves by reading more books or learning new skills.


There will have several setbacks in career, which lead to tense relationship with colleagues and bosses. Parents and other eldership’s suggestions always have important reference value. Don’t be depressed when getting into troubles. Paying more patience and keeping a cool head are also quite important.


Generally speaking, they have stable career and abundant wealth in the 5th lunar month. If they keep working hard day by day, they would probably get promotions in the second half year. In spare time, travelling with family members is a good way to adjust emotions. Sufficient exercises can bring enough vigor to work and study.


Luck in this month is just normal. Although most matters have favorable beginnings, there are still many difficulties in the halfway if they want to get the final successes. Solving problems needs more perseverance and patience. They can always receive useful help because of their harmonious interpersonal relationships.


As for their wealth and career, the situations are stable in lunar July according to Chinese zodiac predictions. Try to learn how to control tempers. Most of them may have difficulties in communicating with family members. Enough understandings will enhance the relationship and create relaxing family atmosphere.


Even though with enthusiastic and out-going personalities, they should avoid meddling in everything, especially other people’s business. Otherwise, they will become troublesome people in others’ eyes. Keeping a modest attitude all the time is a wise behavior. It’s predicted that their career may get some developments.


Love relationship and marriage life are stable and sweet. As for the career, it’s not suggested to set the unpractical goal. On the contrary, the short-term goals can be easily achieved. The final success needs lots of small achievements and unremitting efforts. Don’t expect to achieve them in a short time.


This is a golden month in almost all aspects of life. In career, they can find some fresh fields to get advantageous cooperation’s. There are also many chances to get promotions. Thus, they can fully show their intelligences and abilities in front of their bosses. During this period of time, they can do some low-risk investments.


The most important thing is to maintain harmonious relationships with colleagues and family members. They may easily get depressed because of several misunderstandings. In order to avoid unnecessary troubles, they are suggested to keep a lower profile in life. Don’t become impulse and irritable. In addition, saving money is also needed.


The luck of last lunar month is more stable. However, they will become sensitive and emotional. The efficient way to expel negative mood is to go out with friends and talk about the annoyances. Some troubles cannot be solved in a short time. It would be well if they can slow down and make up their minds. Then maybe they can find the solutions.