China: This is world’s longest mirror bridge, see PHOTOS


Most of the people have fear from height and water but there are also some people who take things lightly. Today, we are telling you about dangerous bridge which was constructed at big height.  Several people don’t explore this pool because of its height. Few aren’t afraid that they will fall anywhere. This bridge is situated in China which is believed to be the longest bridge in the world.

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It has 218 meters height above ground because of which the crossing becomes difficult. It is perfect for those people who love adventure in life.

The photographs and video of this bridge from China have gone viral on the social media. People who are afraid of height must watch the video of this bridge once. This video has been shared by People’s Daily. This bridge could possibly be the longest glass bridge in the world. It was opened for public on December 24 and is situated in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province of China.

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This bridge spreads between 488 meters between two rocks in the Hanging Scenic Area. It is almost as high as 66-storey building. According to the video, the bridge is designed by 2,000 people together. However, only 500 people can climb over this bridge at a time.