China will regret backing Masood Azhar, warns BJP


Criticing China for stretched out backing to Jaish-e-Mohammad boss Masood Azhar after it kept India's endeavors to boycott him on the universal stage, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday said that Beijing would seriously lament its choice to help a fear monger. 

"Our Government has attempted a considerable measure yet at the same time there are contradictions on Masood Azhar on which China has stood firm. Be that as it may, China will need to lament its remain, as to help a psychological militant is neither for the world nor China," BJP pioneer Shahnawaz Hussain told ANI. 

Hussain assist expressed that India has constantly kept up great relations with China and have yearlong exchange relations, yet there are number of issues on which both the nations have friction. 

On October 1, China augmented its veto on India's turn in the United Nations to boycott Pathankot assault plan Masood Azhar and with this, Beijing for the second time kept India's endeavors. 

China safeguarding its turn yesterday said that there were "distinctive perspectives" on India's application and that its turn will permit more opportunity for the "important gatherings" to have conferences notwithstanding when China is the solitary part among the 15-part UNSC to contradict the restriction on Azhar.

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