China: Biker collided By Car overturned Into Air, grounds On Feet; watch video


A China based biker collided with the car on Saturday but didn’t lost his live. The reports said, the man made an unlawful turn during the incident and it was his fault. He falls and tried to make correct landing on his feet. He seemed uninjured. The incident was recorded on close watch cameras.

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People’s Daily, China posted the CCTV recording of incident on Twitter that reveals the man fault as took an illegitimate left turn while other vehicles impede for a red-light. ¬†On the conflicting lane, Traffic starts to go.

The effect of the collision appeared as if the culprit swooping across the wind. The man vanished at the back of car for a moment. But when the vehicle comes to a deafening stop, he noticed again. Later, he started his vehicle and straight away make off the street.

The biker seems to be astonishingly uninjured.

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“Thank God he was not badly hurt or even killed,” one person commented on the video. “He should be a professional stuntman,” another said.