China: Baby born without eyes


A baby boy was born without eyes in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou. After giving birth to the child his mother called up for help. The boy is nicknamed as Xiao Ming. 

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His mother, Liu Peihua, from Guangzhou City in Guangdong Province, said her son cried loudly and moved his limbs after birth, but closer inspection made doctors realize his eyes weren’t just closed.

The boy was diagnosed with anophthalmia, a rare medical condition characterized by the absence of one or both eyes. It is caused by missing ocular tissue and is hard to pick up in prenatal scans. Media reported.

Liu didn’t have any issues during her pregnancy.

Doctors said the boy suffered from a rare disease which is difficult to detect in advance through ordinary ultrasound scans.

Experts said the incidence of eyeball defect is rather low and genetic related.

The boy showed no other health problems.

His parents have called for help from non-profit organizations, and vowed to keep the child despite hardships.

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