Chilly weather hits North India, Narnaul witnessed minus 0.5 degree Celsius


Cold Wave continued to hit North India on Thursda. Several places including Punjab and Haryana have been dipping below the freezing point. The temperature of Narnaul in Haryana was noted at minus 0.5 degree Celsius.

Cities including Amritsar and Adampur in Punjab temperature were recorded at 0.8 degree Celsius and minus 0.1 degrees Celsius respectively.

Places including Haryana, Hisar and Karnal have been facing cold weather conditions. The temperatures of both the cities were recorded 2.4 degree Celsius and 2.6 degree Celsius respectively.

The temperature of Ambala noted 5 degree Celsius and the people of Chandigarh faced 3.7 degree Celsius today.

The temperature of Amritsar noted 0.8 degree Celsius, three notches below normal while Adampur was even colder at a low of minus 0.1 degree Celsius.

Ludhiana temperature was witnessed 1.7 degree Celsius, four degrees below normal on Thursday.