Chikanguniya : Home Remedies


Chikungunya is a viral infection that is transmitted by the mosquito Aedes Aijipti. The mosquito bite results in fever, joint pain and rashes on the body. The worst symptom is joint pain that lasts longer.

Drink to get rid of fatigue and weakness


In Chikungunya the joint pain lasts a week or two, but some cases takes months to recover. For this, there is no special treatment but experts believe good diet and bed rest makes patient get well soon.


Chikungunya : Some home remedies so the patient can get enough rest, especially from joint pain.

* Include of fruits and vegetables in your diet lots.


* Drink ginger tea and green tea, to meet ease in swelling.


* In order to overcome the shortage of water have lots of water and fluid intake.


* Try to make yourself sleep and relax your body, your joint pain will fix soon.


* Do a little bit of exercise at home , which include stretching. This will give ease in the joint pain.


* Massage with with coconut oil with soft hands at the joints. You will overcome both the pain and the inflammation.


* Ice wrapped in towels to Sikai some couple of times.


* Rash pandemonium mixed with olive oil and vitamin E tablets and apply it on the affected area.


* Feed papaya leaves juice three to four times a day to the patient.

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