Chief Justice of India TS Thakur advances education of ladies in Himachal Pradesh

New Delhi: Justice Tirath Singh Thakur taking oath as the new Chief Justice of India, during a ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi on Thursday. PTI Photo by Kamal Singh (PTI12_3_2015_000067B)


  • Justice Thakur enjoys a reprieve visits in-laws’ town.
  • He even stayed away from every one of the media.
  • He conversed with the ladies in the town about instruction.


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Far from every one of the media consideration, Chief Justice of India is on a three day visit to a Himachal Pradesh, where he conversed with nearby ladies and advanced proficiency.

While the face-off between him and the union government on the issue of the arrangement of high court judges is still new, CJI TS Thakur took a three day weekend and spent a night in a tranquil and dejected Himachal Pradesh town.

A long way from the irritating group and hurrying around of Delhi, was in Daro Deoria town in Sirmour area of the slope state. Equity Thakur is hitched to Amita Thakur who has a place with Daro Deoria. He was here to meet his relative. This was his first visit to the town after he turned into the Chief Justice of India.

He was given a stirring welcome and offered nearby cooking. His relatives described how the CJI makes them feel that he is a typical man as well.

“He has not changed by any means. He is basic and rational. He sat with us and was in tears when he recollected his past. He loves nearby food, the malpuas specifically,” says Satender Panwar,Thakur’s dad in-law.


Equity Thakur abstained from addressing the media on the progressing standoff between the legal and the focal government, and seemed loose.

The CJI declined to talk on camera however welcomed correspondents. Collaborating with the guests, the greater part of them his relatives, the Thakur couple shared their remote excursion encounters. While his significant other said she enjoyed China, Justice Thakur was polarized by Dubai. He likewise shared how he lost all sense of direction in a Dubai shopping center and informed the general population regarding the huge shops in that city. Equity Thakur, who is right now on a three-day Himachal Pradesh visit, on Thursday laid accentuation on female legitimate proficiency and spoke to ladies to take up lawful training.

Proficiency FOR WOMEN

The courts can assume a major part by granting lawful instruction to females. They ought to include increasingly ladies in the legitimate education programs,” he said. He likewise met local people, young lady understudies specifically and requesting that they contemplate law and get to be brand Ambassadors.He additionally requested that the nearby courts include increasingly females in legitimate education programs. He additionally shared how young ladies can turn into a judge like him and do equity. “I am happy that you are examining BBBS from China however you should learn Chinese and practice back home,” Justice Thakur exhorted Swati Tomar who lives in his better half’s tribal town.

He likewise met Shakshi Tomar ,a nearby law understudy and advised her how she can turn into a judge like him.

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