Chicken Taken into custody by UK Police


LONDON:  A chicken was taken into police custody in UK on Wednesday while it was trying to cross the road.

Police in East Marketgait, Dundee, were called to an occurrence in which the padded winged animal was spotted meandering over the landing area amidst surge hour.

Driver’s escape from dangling car

It was found in the morning on Friday and officers landed after drivers reported the jeopardized hen.

The chicken was "giving passing drivers reason for concern," Tayside Police Division police was cited as saying by The Mirror.

Officers figured out how to catch the solitary winged animal and take it back to the station.

On Facebook, the police said, "The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) has been reached and will take care of deal with the chicken until the proprietor is followed."

"Police are engaging for any data in the matter of why the chicken was intersection the street," police said.

Tayside police posted an offer on Facebook in an offer to locate the chicken's proprietor.

It was soon shared by more than 1,000 individuals – and many local people remarked. In spite of the fact that not especially supportively. "I think it was being egged on by somebody," a netizen said.

Another typically remarked: "To get to the opposite side."

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