Chetan Bhagat’s ‘Half girlfriend’ fodder for twitter jokes yet again


Mumbai: Chetan  Bhagat is a well known and most popular figure on twitter and   people on social media love to goblin about him. Tolerant as he is, the author doesn’t mind and often plays along. Remember when he tweeted “what do historians do?” and when he took a dig at Pakistan when India beat the team during World Cup T20 in March. And we should not even mention the time when he talked about  his novel “Half Girlfriend”. In 2014 when Chetan  Bhagat  released his book, was massively trolled on twitter  as people sharing memes and jokes on the title.

But now, people are not trolling him instead, they are excited when Chetan Bhagat talked about the book.

 Bhagat shared the news of  the first day of  shooting of  Mohit Suri’s film “Half-Girlfriend”- Conversion of  Bhagat’s novel and Twitterati is excited about the movie. A thanks to Arjun Kapoor and Shradha Kapoor.

He tweeted Arjun Kapoor’s picture and wrote, “Hi Guys, Meet Madhav Jha. #HalfGirlfriend starts shoot today in Delhi.”

 Half-Girlfriend is started trending on twitter and people on social media  have good things to say to him.But because it’s a  Half-Girlfriend , obviously there were few jokes.

This will be Chetan Bhagat’s fifth film that is being  turned into film.