Chetan Bhagat New Novel ‘One Indian Girl’ coming Soon


On Friday, writer Chetan Bhagat reported that his new book, titled One Indian Girl, was accessible for pre-arrange and would be in stores by October 1. On his Twitter account, the creator prodded fans during that time with a picture that, fairly lamentably, declared: "Chetan Bhagat is back! This time as a young lady."

This impossible to miss sounding articulation alludes to the way that One Indian Girl, Bhagat's 6th English-dialect fiction novel, will check the first run through the writer writes in first-individual from the viewpoint of a lady. All the book's authentic secret has uncovered so far is that the hero is a youthful venture investor named Radhika Mehta who is going to get hitched, yet cautions perusers that she may not be extremely "amiable" as she doesn't comply with majoritarian social standards.

He understood soon enough this new pursuit would need to be a 'women's activist novel' i.e. it would need to address ladies' issues specifically. In the course of recent years, he'd composed various segments on ladies' issues that had been "acknowledged and shared a ton". "I likewise needed to veer off from my run of the mill stories that for the most part include a residential community kid beginning to look all starry eyed at and so on," he said. "So the thought was to attempt and plan a story that would connect with, yet straightforward, additionally draw out the genuine message."

Bhagat spent numerous months "looking into the female personality" and attempting to comprehend what ladies experience every day. He spent numerous months meeting around 100 ladies — going from his own better half, ex, and companions to flight chaperons, inn staff, and outsiders he would meet at occasions — as a component of his exploration. "I even addressed ladies I met abroad," he said, "in light of the fact that I needed it to be as widespread as could be expected under the circumstances."

What astonished him was the disclosure that not all ladies self-recognized as women's activists. "There are numerous who are alright with the possibility of the world being out of line," he said. "What's more, maybe that is unreasonably socially instilled. In any case, we need to acknowledge the way that woman's rights in India can't be the same as women's liberation in New York or San Francisco."

The creator is completely mindful of the not exactly warm gathering that anticipates his most recent advertising. Numerous have effectively communicated alarm at the possibility of the writer, known not his foot in his mouth with disturbing normality, composing a novel from the perspective of a lady.

"Indeed, yes, I'm giving them [his detractors] lamp fuel here, with this novel," he said, with a chuckle. "What's more, I'm certainly apprehensive about this one, since it's an extreme one. Be that as it may, I have taken a ton of feedback previously, about my writing,into account and have attempted to enhance myself. In addition, around 50 individuals have as of now read the novel — individuals I trust to be straightforward — and have had no complaints."To him, this is an extraordinary chance to get discussions about sex out in the open. "It [the book] may unsettle some male perusers, yet that is the general purpose," he said. "Maybe the very reality that a standard writer is composing from a female may make a much bigger point than one would might suspect."