Chennai: Youth arrested for uploading morphed photos of 21 yr old girl on Facebook


CHENNAI:   A 21 year old woman committed suicide after the man uploaded her morphed picture on facebook. The criminal has been caught in Tamil Nadu's Salem district.

The Victim, Vinupriya had graduated a year ago from college with a degree in Chemistry.

Criminal, Suresh works for a power loom where he met Vinupriya who used to come there to collect material for embroidery work, police said.

"Suresh uploaded her morphed obscene pictures using his mobile phone in vengeance as she did not reciprocate his advances," said Amit Kumar, as senior police official.

21 yr old girl, Vinupriya was found dead on June 27 in Salem district of Chennai. Her parents hadn’t believed that she had not sent nude pictures of herself to whoever posted them online.

In her suicide note, Vinupriya had said, "I promise I did not send my picture to anyone.  What's the use of living when my parents don't trust me.  Believe me. "

Her father Anna Durai said, "We were made to go to one office after another. Action should be taken against the police".

"We've filed a case of abetting suicide and have blocked the Facebook page which carried her pictures," said Mr Kumar.