“Chennai has become city of crimes”, says V Suresh


Chennai: Chennai city has become the most unsafe place. Earlier, it used to come in the category of safest cities in the country. But now, the image of Chennai  has totally changed, it is slowly fading away as various murders has taken place even in the daylight.

People of Chennai are shocked due the incident and they said that Chennai has become most unsafe place.  Activists wonder that goons have lost the fear of the police.

Recently , Chennai city city has witnessed five murders committed in broad daylight in past few months. Starting with the murder of RTI activist J. Parasmal that took place on June 7 till the murder of techie S. Swathi at the Nungambakkam railway station on Friday.

Murder was committed for various reasons ranging from personal problems to revenge .

“It reflects the inability of the police to command respect and fear in criminals. Chain-snatching, burglaries and crime against the elderly are occurring across the city,” said V. Suresh, National General Secretary, People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL).

 Various reasons have been stated for the murder. Activists complained about the growing nexus among some politicians, certain members of the police force and antisocial elements.

“Increasing corruption is also a growing cause of concern. No criminal can exist without the support of politicians.

“Though the police will be rendered helpless in random murders, they do have a major role in preventing those committed by gangs,” said a retired police officer.

According to Mr. Suresh, it is high time the police improved community contact. “They should win the confidence of local residents and stand by what is correct. Only when people feel that the law enforcers are unbiased and uninfluenced by politicians and antisocial elements will they pass information to them,” he added.