Check Whether Your Monday Is Lucky Or Not


Aries: Get a new adventure underway today, and you will show the universe that you are ready for action! It will reward you with interesting days. Move any upcoming travel plans into high gear and get your tickets reserved — the earlier you financially commit to things, the better price you are going to get. Ask that cutie out on a date and find out once and for all whether or not they're interested. Give yourself something to get a little bit excited about.

Taurus: Given the independent energy you're filled with right now, it is not a good day for you to work in a team. You understand the value of alliances, but today you just won't have the patience. No one is working at your pace, and the last thing you'll want to do is spend your day waiting for other people to catch up to you. Impatience and frustration are sure to follow. So try to avoid groups. Stick it out by yourself for the foreseeable future. You'll be happier.

Gemini: You are feeling less serious today, and in the mood for light conversation and silly stuff. It's probably due to a huge surge in your creativity — you're itching for a way to express yourself, and spending your day doing nothing but research or work is not going to make for a happy day. If you can, make time today to just have fun. Pick up a silly magazine and find out what's going on with celebrity couples. You are a well-rounded person who needs different kinds of stimulation.

Cancer: You are faced with a tough climb up a tall mountain, but you will love the view once you get to the top! You cannot let this challenge intimidate you and force you to go in another direction. This is something you have been waiting for, so grab your chance in the spotlight and go for it. It is time you sought out the attention of others more actively — you deserve to be the star, and you know it. Take this climb one step at a time, and be sure to pace yourself.

Leo: Your urge to get closer to someone may be becoming so strong that it's unbearable, but before you make any moves, you need to stop. Pay closer attention to the clues they are sending — they might not be quite ready to open up to you just yet. To test the waters, keep your conversation light. Resist your urge to ask them to spend the rest of their life with you! Baby steps will get you closer to their heart than giant leaps. So take some time apart and make them miss you.

Virgo: Is your career your top focus right now? It should be. Right now, you are in a phase of rich clarity — you have the ability to fully understand the opportunities in front of you in a way you never could before. But first, you have to slow down and look around. Take a moment to make some loose plans for your future — and make them big! Give yourself a general idea of where you want things to go, and you'll figure out how to get there later on.

Libra: If you are made a group leader today, your group is going to be very lucky! You're smart as a whip and able to cut through the politics that inevitably happen whenever more than two people get together. No one is going to be able to distract you from what needs to get done. Plus, you are exceptionally charming and people are going to follow whatever decision you make to the letter. Popularity has never been terribly important to you, but that's only because everyone always likes you.

Scorpio:This could be the day when all of your hard work will finally pay off! If your boss has been a big problem for you lately, you can say goodbye to any tensions quite soon. There have been discussions going on among the big power players — they've been about you, and they have been favorable. There will be a huge change in the dynamic coming soon, and someone's ego could get a bit bruised. Don't worry, it won't be yours. You will come out of this transition doing quite well for yourself.

Sagittarius: If you think that you need to start making some changes, then do it. You can't wait for other people to give you permission — or even encouragement. This is your life to lead. The kind of growth you experience and the types of changes you make are totally up to you. Following fads might make you feel like part of the crowd, but if it doesn't make you feel better about yourself, what good it is? Ironically, it's when you go off on your own that you feel the biggest crowds supporting you.

Capricorn: Your vision is going to be clear as a bell today, so it's a great day to finally come to a decision on that issue you've been wringing your hands over for so long. You need to make a choice, then stick to it! Look at those puzzling things one more time today, and the right way to go could be embarrassingly obvious. Your omnipotent vision might also reveal a few business problems you can get a jump on today, before they grow into bigger headaches tomorrow.

Aquarius: If there's a party going on and you're not on the guest list, so what? This fact shouldn't stop you from being a part of the good times. You have enough creativity and charm to be able to figure out a way to get on the list and in on the fun. The inner circle of the social set needs you to be there — you offer the right energy. Do what you can to get involved, but stop short of putting yourself in a position to be taken advantage of. You are the coolest, and you need to remember that!

Pisces: The past few days may have been dragging along too slowly for you, and the slower pace is sure to continue today. Try not to get frustrated, though. Time might feel like it's moving slowly, but rest assured: Things are still happening and you are still making headway on your goals! Patience is all you need to regain a more mellow, happy vibe. What you are waiting for will come — you just need to relax and have faith in the people who are making it happen.