Check Out-What Misfortune You will Have if You Have Spider Webs in Your House!

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Generally people make every thing possible to keep their house and surroundings clean and beautiful still somehow these spiders tends to make webs on the walls of your beautiful house!

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Think How often you see these webs around you….Very often Right! What we do after seeing them is we lazily avoid it but according to Vastu this leads to misfortune! Spider Webs are the reason behind the lack of some facilities in your Home…Check it out!

  • According to the Vastu, spider webs are the symbol of negativity in the house as they tend to invite serious illness and deadly diseases to the family members. Hence keep your house ultra clean to stay healthy and wealthy.

  • A big reason behind increased stress is the Spider Webs. As per some astrologers these spider webs can turn a normal being into a mental patient by depressing him/her way too much. Spider webs can also hinders the brain growth of the children.

  • The day Spiders starts making webs in the house, misfortunes starts to hit up that place and people residing there. According to the Science there are several Micro- Organisms present in the spider web which can cause serious illness.

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So… next time when you see a Web.., do remove it as soon as possible!

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures