Check how methi seeds is beneficial for you?


Methi seeds contain great amount of proteins that helps to fortify hair roots and recreate the follicles. Make sure that you wash your hair daily with methi seeds to get rid of hair fall.

Stop premature graying

The rich amount of potassium content that is present in methi seeds helps to reduce premature greying of hair. Consume methi seeds in your diet everyday and try to apply methi seeds mask on your hair to keep its natural colour for long time.

Perfect for shiny hair

If you want to give shine to hair, then make sure that you apply methi seeds. All you need to do is, take half tablespoon of methi seeds and add four cup of hair oil to the mixture. Apply it on your hair. Later, wash it with shampoo. Your hair will get shiny.

Fights dandruff

Methi seeds help to fight with dandruff and make hair dirt free. Put methi seeds in a bowl for overnight and make its paste next day. Later, add 1 tbsp of fresh lemon juice to the mixture. Apply this mask on your hair. You will notice a change!

Makes hair thicker
These seeds are mostly used to add texture to the hair. Make a paste by using 2 tbsp of soaked methi seeds and fresh curry leave. Blend it in a mixy and form a paste. Apply this paste on your hair. The quality of your hair will get improved.

Encourages hair growth
Methi seeds enhances hair growth. Form a paste by adding methi seeds along with onion juice. All you need to do is, soak one fourth cup of methi seeds for overnight in water. Add raw onion and squeeze the juice. Apply this paste on your hair for about half an hour.