Check out lifestyle hacks of Mustard Oil


It is necessary to take care of the skin during cold weather. This season is not at all good for skin as it gets dry. So, if you want to get rid of dry skin, prefer to use mustard oil. It helps to make skin soft and beautiful during the winter season. This oil involves lot of vitamins, proteins etc. It helps to maintain blood circulation level in the body.

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Apply one or two drops of mustard oil on the dry skin and also apply it on your face. Wash your face after sometime with warm water. This oil can also be used during Aroma Therapy. Being in the sunlight for a long time makes skin dull and dark colored. To get rid of dry skin, you can apply mustard oil over the skin tanning. Apply it for about three to four times in a week. You will see a change!

In winter, use mustard oil to prepare food as it involves lot of calcium and iron in abundance amount. When you add mustard oil in the food, it helps to give lot of energy to the body.

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During winters, you can also use mustard oil to massage your body.