Check Out! Hottest Politicians Of The World


Like the actresses there are many hot and beautiful politicians in the world. Here are some of them.

Maria Corfuga: It is a very big politician of Italy. The whole world of their beauty is enchanting. They also know these people by their nickname Marlah Billa. Which means beautiful hit. Once the Prime Minister of Italy had told him that if you were not married then I would marry you at first sight.

Alina kabaeva: This is the politician of Russia. It was Russia great player before coming into politics. He had won many medals and many awards in his sports career. It is currently a minister of Putin party. According to the media of Russia, Putin and Alina have got married. But they have not made their relationships public.

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Ruby Dal: It is the politician of Indian origin. But it is currently the politician of the Canadian government. It is the world hottest politician.

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Luciana Leon: This Peru is the country politician. It is the world youngest parliamentarian. It has been the hottest politician in 2009. Her family is accused of corruption.

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Eva Kelly: It was the most beautiful and hot politician of Greek. This was a former news anchor.

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