Check Out Health Benefits Of Walnut


Walnuts involves great amount of omega 3 fatty acid, polyunsaturated fatty acid,  protein, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, folate, thiamin and dietary-fibre that works well on body. It is popular by name ‘Akhrot’ in Hindi.  It lowers down bad cholesterol in the body and regulates metabolism in the body. Not only this, walnut is also very beneficial in controlling diabetes problem. Walnut is considered as perfect brain Food as it strengthen brain and it starts working properly. It combats with several internal diseases.

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Treats cancer: Walnuts involve omega 3 fatty acid, phytosterol and antioxidants which not only stops growth of tumors but also decrease the chances of increasing breast and prostate cancer.

Helpful for heart: Walnuts are very beneficial in reducing cholesterol levels. It involves L-arginine, omega 3 fatty acid, anti-inflammatory properties which reduce the development of blood clots in the body.

Reduces Weight: Consumption of walnuts lowers appetite and helps to reduce weight.

Walnuts regulate blood glucose levels and reduce the risk of rising type 2 diabetes.

Consumption of walnuts during pregnancy helps in lowering the symptom of nausea.

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Walnuts treats ageing due to their antioxidant properties.