Check out! Health benefits of figs


Fig is considered the most preferred fruit to eat in winter season. It involves vitamin A in great amounts. Figs involve sour taste and they are very delicious, healthful fruit that provides great benefit to body. It includes carbohydrate 63 percent, protein 5.5 percent, cellulose 7.3 percent, lubricant one percent, mineral salts 3 percent, acid 1.2 percent, ashes 2.3 percent and water 20.8 percent. Vitamin B and C are also present in figs. Check out other benefits of eating figs here:

Tips to Treat Migraine

Fig is very beneficial in curing breast cancer in women. Consumption of figs everyday reduces 80% risk of breast cancer.

Fibers are found in fig that treats digestion problem. It is beneficial in preventing constipation problem. You can get rid of constipation by eating three figs daily.

Five figs should be boiled in one glass of water. Consumption of boiled figs helps to prevent lung problems. Daily consume it in the morning and evening. Dry cough can be treated by eating fig on daily basis.

Being Sun Kissed is Essential

Fig leaves involve natural chemicals that helps to prevent respiratory problems including bronchitis and asthma.