Check out health benefits of Cinnamon!


Cinnamon plant is very small in size  but involves lot of benefits for health. Dry leaves of cinnamon and bark are used as spices. Its bark is slightly thick, smooth and light brown. Cinnamon reduces obesity and also removes many diseases.

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If you eat grilled cinnamon with honey then you will get relief early in cold. Along with drinking honey and cinnamon powder in hot water, it provides relief in cough.

Image result for Cinnamon If there is more pain in the head, applying a cinnamon paste on the forehead becomes a pain relief. Taking cure with stomach-related illness i.e. stomachache, constipation and acidity, it provides relief. At the same time, the problem of vomiting and diarrhea is also beneficial.

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If there is swelling due to injury, massaging cinnamon oil with light hands can remove swelling. Due to the problem of smell of mouth, sucking cinnamon in the mouth will remove the stench.