Check out why dates ( Khajoor) are beneficial for health?


Khajoor is known as Dates in English. It has a sweet taste and involves lot of vitamins, minerals, fiber and potassium. Not only this, it contains various necessary nutrients. It is mostly used during winter season along with Peanuts. Today we are telling you about some benefits of Dates, check out:

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  1. Beneficial in Weight Loss

Dates don’t involve any fat or cholesterol. Consumption of dates averts hunger for whole day. Daily intake of 3-4 dates will help you a lot.

  1. Treats Constipation

Dates act as a perfect remedy in treating constipation problem. To get rid of constipation problem, a person must eat soaked dates every day. It is helpful in overcoming the problem of Diarrhea. All you need to do is, immerse 8 to 10 khajoor in a glass of water for whole night. Next day, add soaked khajoor with water in a grinder and grind it. Sip it on an empty stomach everday.

  1. Hair Gets Shiny

Dates reinforce your hair and improve their vitality. It involves great amount of iron and vitamin B which treats hair loss problems. Consume 3 to 4 dates daily with milk daily. Your hair will get lustrous and shiny.

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  1. Helpful for Brain health

Dates involves great amount of nutrients including magnesium, potassium and vitamin B6 that play significant role in enhancing  brain health. It contains antioxidant properties which treats brain related problems.

  1. Involves Anti-ageing Properties

It has lot of vitamin C and vitamin A which is beneficial for skin. Dates help to make skin smooth. It involves great amount of antioxidants which makes skin shiny.