Check out beauty benefits of Potatoes


Potatoes are one of the most popular vegetable. It involves lot of vitamins, organic compounds, calcium, iron, phosphorous and minerals. It is very beneficial in treating digestive system, lowers cholesterol level, treats cancer, and prevents diabetes. Potatoes are not only good for health but are also very helpful for skin and hair too. Some people avoid consuming potatoes as they feel that it amplifies weight but it is not like that. Check out some of its benefits here:

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After boiling potatoes in water, use one of the potatoes on your hair. It will get bright, soft and roots will get strong. It is helpful in preventing scabies in the head, the problem of graying of hair and baldness also gets treated.

Place two slices of potato pieces on your eyes for few minutes and later wash it with lukewarm water, your eye wrinkles will get reduced. It involves lot of potassium, Soda, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin A, C and D that is beneficial for health.

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Prepare diluted solution by mixing 1 teaspoon of olive juice and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice in the Fuller’s earth. Apply it on your face. When it gets dry, wash your face with normal water. This pack will remove all the scars and makes the face shiny.