Check! 10 Apps not permitted by Apple


Apple's App Store might be home to a great many incredible applications, yet the Cupertino-based tech mammoth has never shied far from demonstrating the way to questionable and pointless applications. Here are some applications that got kicked out of the Apple App Store for one reason or the other.

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Dogwars was an application that included clients sustaining and preparing their virtual mutts and making them battle against other players' virtual pooches. Obviously, the application wasn't got exceptionally well by every living creature's common sense entitlement activists and soon prompted open shock. What took after next was a request on and Dogwars was soon taken off from Apple App Store, as well as Google Play Store.

Tawkon Radiation Detector

Talk has it that this application was rejected by Steve Jobs himself. Tawkon Radiation Detector distinguished cell radiation taking into account numerous elements like natural conditions, cell tower separation and the sky is the limit from there. The makers of the application needed to sit tight a for long time to get it affirmed. In any case, it was rejected as Apple thought it would panic clients.

I am rich

Envision paying $1,000 for an application that does literally nothing. All things considered, that is the thing that 'I am rich' application was about. Estimated at a crazy $1,000, all that the application did was add a red precious stone to the client's telephone's experience with the catchphrase – "I am rich I deserv it. I am rich solid and effective" (and yes, it spelled "merit" off-base). A significant "meriting" contender for being tossed out of the App Store, wouldn't you say?


This one needs no presentation. Wikileaks got banned from App Store for spilling (clearly) arranged government archives. We can't generally point the finger at Apple for banning it.


iTether permitted clients to transform their iPhones into versatile modems. As helpful as it sounds, it was demonstrated the entryway by Apple as it "loaded the transporter system". Other than this, transporters did not allow unapproved tying according to their terms of administration.


The application played the Psycho subject at whatever point a client got his iPhone and recreated 'a wounding movement'. A progression of teenager wounding episodes were accounted for days after the application was discharged. Small astonishing then that the application was pulled down in only few days.

Child Shaker

At whatever point a client propelled this application, it demonstrated a crying baby on the gadget and the best way to stop this was by viciously shaking the iPhone.

Tailing this, two red-shaded "X" marks showed up over the baby's eyes. Infant Shaker application was disliked by tyke assurance bunches.

A few people even said that the application advanced child murder. It was soon banned from the App Store.


In view of incredible rapper Eminem's '3 am' music video, the application included the star strolling down the lanes in a brutal manner. Eminem is said to have needed the application to discharge alongside his "Backslide" collection. Be that as it may, this didn't happen and in the long run the "Backslide" application was pulled from the App Store.

Herb Converter

Herb Converter was a blessing from heaven for weed merchants. The application could compute portions and change over ounces to grams in minutes. The individuals who needed weed could even utilize extra components like pot costs and accessibility. Obviously, Apple hurled it out of the App Store.

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