Chargesheet filed in Burari murder


Delhi Police has filed a chargesheet in the case of a stalker-cum-jilted lover who had stabbed a woman 30 times at a crowded market in Burari last month. They are likely to ask for maximum punishment for the killer. Among the evidence listed is the PCR call made by the accused, Surender Singh, CCTV footage of the crime, and a broken scissor used in the crime. Police believe they have a watertight case against Singh and have named him the lone conspirator.

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In the 30-page chargesheet, police have given details of how the 21-year-old woman, Karuna, was trying to distance herself from the accused after learning about his behavioural issues.

Police have approached Facebook to provide them with details of the conversations and the photographs that Singh had shared with the victim. Singh had changed his name to Aditya to befriend the woman on Facebook. Karuna's sister Neha, who was the complainant in the case, her friend Mukul Yadav and three shopkeepers at the market were cited as witnesses.

Singh's voice sample from the PCR call, in which he admitted to having murdered Karuna, was listed as primary evidence. It was sent to a central forensic laboratory. Conversations between Singh, Karuna and Yadav on Facebook were also cited as the reason for Singh killing her. In his confession, Singh had said that he was angry about Karuna sending some obscene images to Yadav, which he had found out by hacking into her Facebook account. Police have asked Facebook to provide these chats.

The chargesheet says Singh brought the murder weapon from his house at Jahangirpuri. CCTV footage showed Singh pushing Karuna to the ground and stabbing her repeatedly. A similar clip shot by another CCTV camera that showed Singh stabbing Karuna had gone viral. 

This clip, too, has been included as evidence. A supplementary chargesheet would be filed in the case after the final FSL report and the details of the Facebook posts reach the police.

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