After the age of 30, our body undergoes many changes. The organs and tissues which develop at the age of 20 or 30, decreases their efficiency of functioning once the body attains 30 years of age. The whitening of hair is one such example. However, these changes cannot be ceased but their pace could be decreased. We are here to tell you about the 10 most common changes that your body undergoes and how to cope up with these changes.


Due to the lesser production of collagen in the skin, it starts to shrink and the moisture content of the skin also reduces.

What to do-

Drink ample amount of water to keep your skin hydrated and always use a sunscreen and moisturizer before going out in the sun. Skip smoking and eat vegetables.


The pigment called melanin starts to decrease which is responsible for the color of our body and hair, thereby causing whitening of hair. In men, Male Pattern Baldness is very common which causes loss of hair.

 What to do-

Consume calcium, iron and protein rich diet. Do not take stress and skip smoking.


At this age, the brain cells starts to shrink and the brain starts to decrease in size. The ‘feel good chemical’ produced is less, comparatively.

What to do-

Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Exercise regularly and play games which keeps your brain active.


The eye lashes start to contract and the eyesight starts becoming weak. Dryness also takes place.

What to do-

Go to regular eye checkups and take healthy diet. Also, do not surf on the computer for too long.


The muscles of the heart start to get weak. Due to the deposition of calcium in the blood vessels, the efficiency of the heart decreases.

What to do-

Avoid fatty food and stop the consumption of cigarettes or beer. Exercise regularly and add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.


The functioning of the lungs decreases. Due to this, the body gets less oxygen and the tissues become weak.

What to do-

Start deep breathing and pranaam. Skip smoking and avoid pollution. Do running and exercise regularly.


The kidney becomes smaller and its filtering efficiency decreases. The nerves which supply blood also start to shrink.

What to do

Avoid sugar and salt in excessive amount. Drink lots of water. Control your fat and blood pressure. Take healthy diet and exercise regularly.


The blood supply to the liver decreases. Due to this, the efficiency of the liver decreases, thereby increasing the level of toxins in the body.

What to do-

Be away from all sorts of intoxication. Avoid oily and fatty food. Take care of the hygiene.


The digestion and metabolism becomes weak. This leads to the increase in fat and weight.

What to do-

Increase the amount of fibres in your diet. Take a balanced diet of carbohydrates and proteins. Drink lots of water and exercise daily.


The calcium content of the teeth and bones reduces. The fluids in the joints start to decrease and the bones become weak.

What to do-

Add milk and paneer to your diet. Drink lots of water. Eat less salty food and exercise regularly.