Champions Trophy: India settles for Maiden Silver after losing final on penalties


The controversial Champions trophy led India filed an appeal against the video umpire’s decision to re-take the second attempt in the shootout.

In the final match, India lost the shootout 1-3 after holding world champions Australia goalless in 60 minutes of regulation period on Friday night.

Multiple replays had been done by the jury in the match to find a way out of the embarrassing situation that kept the result pending.

The Indian team had complained that Daniel Beale’s shootout attempt was allowed to go on for more than 14 seconds.

"The shootout attempt went on for over 14 seconds, and then it was re-taken. Just to cover up their shortcomings, they are now pointing out at a different incident," Batra said.

"If the goalkeeper had made an infringement, then a penalty stroke should have been awarded," Batra emphasised.

"We had to raise the issue because the process was not followed," said Oltmans.