Centre To Roll Out Chip Embedded E-Passports


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The inside will take off chip embedded e-passports, which can be fused with travel papers so that the data can be checked electronically, in the primary stage by one year from now.

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Clergyman of state for External Affairs VK Singh said today that completely advanced travel permits that could be even conveyed in cellular telephones would be presented in the following stage.Mr Singh was conversing with media people amid a visit to the Regional Passport office.

He said that offices for e-international IDs are being introduced and it is normal that every single crisp visa to be issued from one year from now would have the chips joined in it.

The pastor likewise said that once the deferral in police confirmation procedure is sorted out through electronic going of data, the time required for issuing identifications could be minimized.

In answer to an inquiry, Mr Singh said the confinements forced on abroad enrollment of attendants and female local specialists had checked the misuse in the area.

In reply to a question, Mr Singh said the restrictions imposed on overseas recruitment of nurses and female domestic workers had helped curb the exploitation in the sector.

Mr Singh, who had recently visited Saudi to help those stranded there following job losses, said the Saudi government is cooperating in getting the claims of Indian workers from Saudi employers.

He also advised those still going to Saudi to take up employment to be cautious and go through genuine channels. Earlier in the day, Mr Singh reviewed the working of the Passport Sewa Kendra, Kollam also.  

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