Centre to strengthen armed forces, says Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman


Barmer: On Sunday Union defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman conveyed that attempts are being made to reinforce three security forces in the nation to face challenge. Conversing with the administration to fulfill the requirement of Indian Army. She was referring soldiers’ meet of Air Force at Uttarlai airbase in Barmer in her first visit to the fronts in Rajasthan on Sunday.

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She said that Uttarlai airbase is loaded with stories about the overcome warriors of Indo-Pak War, 1971, and that she was pleased with it. She said that PM Modi in Mann ki Baat had coordinated to persuade the warriors by meeting them at the fronts.

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She came to Uttarlai first knowing its radiant history. The protection serve was advised of the part of the airbase and the idea of its operations, the IAF said. Sitharaman said that she will have gatherings with the armed force boss day by day to survey the circumstance at the outskirts and take criticism to fortify the security.

At 3pm, she will audit the security game plans with the resistance secretary. Sitharaman advised warriors that she is focused on satisfying their needs. Sitharaman said that taking care of the requests of the military with a view to keeping up ideal condition of status and readiness on all fronts would be concurred need.

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There would not be any need in endeavors with respect to the legislature to reinforce the resistance powers, she said. “I was in Goa before in the morning to hail off Indian Navy ladies team’s endeavor to circumnavigate the globe and now have come to Utarlai Air Force base in Barmer,” she said.

The recently selected safeguard serve said that Utarlai airbase was vital from the key perspective. Sitharaman achieved Uttarlai at 4.50pm by an uncommon plane from Goa and was gotten via air chief B S Dhanoa, Jaisalmer-Barmer MP Sonaram Choudhary and others.

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