Centre stabbed people by denying special category status to Andhra Pradesh says Pawan Kalyan


Vijayawada: Telugu film star and Jana Sena Party boss Pawan Kalyan on Friday hit out at the Center, saying it "wounded" individuals of Andhra Pradesh in the gut by denying uncommon class status to the state. "The Congress wounded (the general population of AP) in the back (by partitioning the state) and when we looked for equity, BJP cut in the stomach," Kalyan said tending to the Andhrula Atma Gourava Sabha (Andhra's sense of pride) rally in Kakinada town tonight.

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The two national gatherings made insecurity in the two states (AP and Telangana), Kalyan charged and requested that they apologize to the general population. "You couldn't do equity either to AP or Telangana. You denied uncommon status to AP and couldn't give a High Court to Telangana," he called attention to. AP individuals had been looking for uncommon status to the state yet in the wake of keeping them in trust in more than two years, the Prime Minister at last push two stale laddus in their grasp.

Reviewing that BJP passed a determination in 1996 in Kakinada favoring division of Andhra Pradesh, Kalyan said it was not respecting the dedication (to concede exceptional status) made in Parliament. "Doesn't the dedication made by all gatherings in Parliament hold any quality? Is your gathering determination more noteworthy than the Constitution or Parliament?" he asked BJP, including that it ought to feel embarrassed about itself.

 This was Kalyan's second open meeting after the one in Tirupati before the end of last month. The 45-year-old on-screen character, who bolstered the TDP-BJP consolidate in the 2014 races, pledged to battle till AP was allowed uncommon status as guaranteed. On Wednesday, the Center reported a budgetary bundle for Andhra Pradesh that incorporate full subsidizing of Pollavaram watering system venture, charge concessions and an uncommon help, yet held back before giving the state an exceptional status.

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