Centre can even get me killed, says Kejriwal


NEW DELHI: In context of controversy which is going against Bhagwant Mann and the arrest of AAP Mla’s, AAP convenor and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal alleged on Wednesday that Narendra Modi can get me killed as he is so much frustrated.

While addressing his party members on Wednsday for 10 minutes, he asserted that BJP could even get him killed.

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Arvind Kejriwal told his members to get prepared for the most terrible situation. He cited the serial arrests of AAP MLAs, office-of-profit controversy involving 21 MLAs, suspension of MP Bhagwant Mann and anti-corruption branch’s inquiries against deputy CM Manish Sisodia and Satyendar Jain as part of a ‘daman chakra’.

“Some say that I always blame Modi and that he is not doing anything. But since there are so many departments after us at the same time, there must be some mastermind. Who is this? Amit Shah, Modi ji, PMO? They are all together in this. Amit Shah is getting this done at Modi’s behest,” said Kejriwal.

Kejriwal said that going by the fallout of all this, it is not logical. “But Modi is so rattled by us and so angry that he is not thinking logically. And if the PM was taking decisions for the country in a similar frame of mind, it would be highly dangerous”, he warned. “Is the country in safe hands?”

“People are saying that Modiji is completely stumped, very angry and is not being able to think logically. There is no logic behind getting one MLA arrested every day. Interestingly, all MLAs are being let off in two days. They have not been able to prove anything in a single case. And in all the cases in which orders have come, the court has pulled up the agencies concerned for doing politics. I don’t know why Modiji is so rattled,” he said.

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Kejriwal is even surprised what had clattered the PM – whether it was the “good work” being done by AAP in Delhi and the Centre’s failure to deliver on any promise which was drawing adverse comparisons for the BJP; whether the BJP had failed to digest its loss in Delhi; or because of the support AAP was reportedly getting in Goa, Gujarat and Punjab.

“All I can say is that Modi is not thinking. He is very angry and rattled and taking such decisions. This is most worrying for me. If a king starts taking decisions in anger, if a PM does things without thinking, who knows how many other decisions he might have taken in a similar frame of mind!”