CBI to start inquiry in Rs 570 crore seizure during Tamil Nadu polls


New Delhi: The Central Bearau of investigation had enlisted a Preliminary Inquiry (PI) on Monday into the outstanding seizure of Rs 570 crore in three compartments in Tirupur on the eve of the May 16 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections.

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A month back, a case was transferred to the central agency by Madras high court.

The seizure had kicked up an enormous political column in Tamil Nadu with real Opposition parties affirming abnormalities in treatment of the issue by the state organization and the Election Commission.

“A Preliminary Inquiry has been ordered into the case. The matter has come to CBI on the orders of Madras High Court,” CBI spokesperson R.K. Gaur said on Monday.

The preliminary investigation has been filed against unidentified persons.

On July 4, Madras high court had ordered the CBI to do a preliminary investigation on a petition filed by DMK MP T.K.S. Elangovan.

The DMK has been claiming that the money was implied for paying off voters in front of the decisions and had thrown genuine questions over the "postponement" in the ECI and Ministry of Finance elucidating that the money was being transported from Tamil Nadu to Andhra Pradesh by the State Bank of India.

Restriction parties, including the DMK and PMK, have been requesting an exhaustive test into the seizure of Rs 570 crore on the mediating night of May 13 and May 14. The state went to the surveys on May 16.

Mr Elangovan had on Friday presented a notice to the CBI and inquired as to whether the RBI had conceded any development request for conveying the cash and asserted that after the three holder lorries with Andhra Pradesh enrollment were seized, endeavors had been made to stake a sanctioned case of the cash.

DMK boss M Karunanidhi had assaulted the state government and the Election Commission for "not clearing up their part" in the seizure and had been requesting a CBI test to get to the base of the case. Responding to the High Court administering, DMK Treasurer M K Stalin said the CBI test would uncover the path in which the decisions were directed in Tamil Nadu.

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