CBI To Serve Notice To Azam Khan Over Offencive Comments On Rape


Azam Khan, the most senior minister in Akhilesh Yadav's cabinet, has keep running into more issue with the Supreme Court today over his comments around a woman and her teen daughters  who were posse assaulted on a noteworthy interstate in Delhi in July.

Mr Khan, 68, will be served a notice by the CBI to clarify his remarks conflating the assault, which occurred in Bulandshahr, with a "political conspiracy", judges said today.A month ago, the Supreme Court halted the CBI's examination while it figures out whether Mr Khan's comments disregard the privilege to free discourse.

The court said it will inspect whether a man holding an open office can make such remarks which can affect the "casualty in trouble" and influence reasonable test and whether an announcement like that "annihilations established affectability".

The teenager assault survivor, who was struck in fields close to the roadway with her mom, while men in their family were tied up by a group of men, has said the Supreme Court must punish Mr Khan for his remarks furthermore screen the examination concerning her assault. The clergyman's stand, she has claimed, demonstrates the state won't lead an unprejudiced request.

Mr Khan's self-protection has been focused on the contention that he "talked like a lawmaker".

The assault and the affirmed police inaction hosts been utilized by different gatherings to support their case of uncontrolled wilderness in Uttar Pradesh months before the state votes in favor of its next government.