Case lodged against Air India Pilot which Risked 200 Lives, investigation ordered


An Air India pilot took a dangerous step on the way on April 28 as he was suffering from "extreme mood swings". He was taking Delhi- Paris flight into higher elevation and put the lives of over 200 passengers and crew at risk.

The case has been lodged against the pilot and he has been sacked.

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The pilot was taking his flight Boeing 787 to a higher elevation before the safety levels.

According to sources, the pilot is prone to "extreme behavioural issues as well as extreme mood swings" and is believed to have displayed signs of distress on a few occasions earlier.

The onboard flight was taken to altitude levels by the pilot where he lost the control of  the flight.

“The co-pilot noticed the abnormal flying manoeuvre and then made the commander bring back the aircraft to normal altitude”sources added.

The probe is in process while Air India people have issued a medical checkup of pilot as e involes some "psychological issues at the individual level".

Last year, a concern over air safety was reported as the pilot crashed a plane into the French Swiss Alps. The incident killed around 140 people.

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