Career tips for College students


Career: College doesn’t only prepare you for a job rather it’s a preparation for life. A college diploma will open doors of opportunities. It will show you how to get there. You spend more time at work than in any other aspect of your life, but college teaches you barely anything on how to start, build and manage your career. 

Without the Career Center, you will be left on your own to figure out what you are suppose to do with your life.  The transition is difficult because there is no syllabus for success.  Here are tips for college students that will help you choose a career path that is right for you.

1. Get some work experience

One of the important determining factors hiring managers take into consideration is previous experience. Any professional work experience will help you skip ahead of other candidates. Even if you don’t start out with your dream job there is plenty of time to work, gain knowledge, and find out what you actually like to do.

2.  Don’t be afraid to try something new or share your ideas

As an entry level employee, you’re part of the new workforce, the generation of leaders, entrepreneurs and new business owners. While your goal might not be CEO of a large corporation, you might just have the next idea for a startup or mobile application. We are all unique and bring different ideas to the table and management might not be able to look at a project, job task or solution from every angle.

3.  Network

Create a profile on LinkedIn, start blogging and gaining connections through social media. Go to professional networking events in your city to network with professionals.  Learn to prove yourself as trustworthy and show you can follow directions.

4.  Don’t be afraid to ask why

As you began to gain experience in the work force don’t be afraid to dig deeper and ask why. It is important to learn how processes work especially if you’d like to start your own business one day. As you ask questions and understand why things are the way they are you’ll learn how to provide solutions. There is a lot to learn coming out of college.

5.  Take initiative

The way to make your skill set indispensable in the workforce is to become a problem solver. Find out what problem your job has and find a solution. Don’t be afraid to go above and beyond to present yourself as a valuable employee. Whatever you set your mind to, make sure you do you absolute best.