Cardamom beneficial in curing throat diseases


There is a lot of pain and irritation in the mouth when there is Ulcer in the mouth. Many people consume many medicines to get rid from this problem. But they are not successful in overcoming this problem. Today we are going to tell you a solution that will ease the problem of your mouth. The use of Cardamom can give relieve of the problem of Ulcer in the mouth.

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If you have Ulcers in your mouth, then chew cardamom to get relief from this problem. If you feel problem in chewing these cardamom seeds, then you can grind and can consume it. Grind cardamom and mix honey with it and apply it on ulcers in your mouth. To some extent, this will cure.

Using cardamom, you can also get relief from throat infection. For this, keep cardamom in your mouth and chew it well, and after that drink a glass of little hot water. By doing this you will definitely get rid of throat infection.

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If you have any ulcer in your mouth for many days, then you should not ignore it and should do your medical examination immediately.