Canada to US vacationers: please leave your guns at home


A rash of weapon toting Americans going by Canada incited its outskirt office to dispatch an open mindfulness battle Monday reminding Americans about their northern neighbors' generally strict guns laws. 

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"Canadian laws are not the same as US ones," the Canada Border Services Agency said in an announcement. 

"Non-limited guns can be utilized for chasing purposes and assurance against natural life in remote territories." 

Be that as it may, it included, the "utilization of guns for individual assurance or security of property is not esteemed a legitimate motivation behind importing guns into Canada." 

Switchblades, nunchucks, crossbows, blowguns and knuckle reinforcements are additionally banned in Canada, it noted. 

The declaration goes ahead the heels of two separate occurrences in which Texas retirees denied conveying weapons at an outskirt checkpoint in Saint Stephen, New Brunswick. 

A hunt of their vehicles revealed a few handguns, a shotgun and free ammo, which were seized. 

The two voyagers were additionally fined more than Can $1,000 (US $775) and kicked out of Canada, alongside their spouses. 

In the initial six months of this current year, 413 firearms were seized at the outskirt — both from bootleggers and weapon mates. The figure is up from 386 weapons seized amid the same time frame in 2015, as indicated by government figures. 

Powers have connected late spikes in savage violations to the pirating of handguns and other precluded weapons from the United States. 

US firearm society is likewise a wellspring of mocking in Canada. 

Canada just started outfitting its outskirt watches in 2006. 

South of the outskirt, Republican presidential chosen one Donald Trump incited new level headed discussion this month over firearm rights when he seemed to propose that 'Second Amendment individuals,' who view weapon proprietorship as a protected right, could take an aversion for his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton into their own hands.

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