Can gemstones really change your destiny?


Astrology: Gemstone also known a precious or semi-precious stone is a piece of crystal minerals with graceful and stylish in appearance and colour. Scientifically, gemstones influence our mind, heart and entire body.  

Depending on the ruling planet of everyone's horoscope, considering the zodiac sign of every person, the appropriate gem stone is prescribed from among the nine gems. It is believed that wearing the appropriate lucky stone can help overcome the troubles caused due to the influences of planets.

Many people wear gemstones which suits them according to astrology while many wear it in the form of an ornament. There are total 9 planets and each planet is represented by 9 different types of gemstones.

  • Ruby is worn for Sun and the person’s zodiac sign is Leo.
  • Pearl is worn for the Moon and the person’s zodiac sign is Cancer.
  • Coral is worn for the Mars and the person’s zodiac sign is Scorpio or Aries.
  • Emerald is worn for the Mercury and the person’s zodiac sign is Virgo or Gemini.
  • Yellow-sapphire is worn for the Jupiter and the person’s zodiac sign is Pieces or Sagittarius.
  • Diamond is worn for the Venus and the person’s zodiac sign is Libra or Taurus.
  • Blue sapphire is worn for the Saturn and the person’s zodiac sign is Capricorn or Aquarius.
  • Hessonite is worn for the Rahu (Moon’s ascending-node).
  • Cat’s eye for the Ketu (Moon’s descending-node).

These astrological stones have the potentiality of creating success in finance, successful marriage, love, romance, and promotion in career, education, sports and many other issues.