Cameroon: At Least 15 dead in attack by two female suicide bombers


YAOUNDE, Cameroon — Nearly 15 people died as two female suicide bombers executed the fresh attack in Cameroon’s far north, the government stated on Thursday. In the attack, around 42 people got injured.

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As per the reports, the attackers reached to the town of Waza on Wednesday and one blows up bomb blasts near a group of youths, Governor Midjiyawa Bakary asserted.

Nigeria-based Boko Haram terrorists reached to the borders to carry out attacks in countries involving Cameroon. Over 20,000 people lost their lives in the attack by Islamic extremists in their eight-year presence and kidnapped several others.

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Boko Haram gradually has utilized girls and young women to execute attacks on marketplaces, checkpoints and other places. Few young women who flee the extremist group have asserted girls are drugged and enforced to conduct suicide attacks.