Camel kills his own master, shot dead by villagers


A camel in heat went wild here at Basnipeer town, tossed its master down from the back and trampled him to death Wednesday evening.

In the wake of murdering 25-year-old youth Ashok, the camel sat on the suffered body the whole night and must be shot dead to recoup the body.

As per Mansukh Ram of Basnipeer town, 20km from Jaisalmer, and previous MLA Saleh Mohammad, Ashok was returning home from his fields on the camel when the animal ended up noticeably rough scarcely 2km far from the town. It tossed Ashok down and squashed him under his legs.

When he didn’t return home on Wednesday night, the family started searching on Thursday and found his body to the camel which was perched on it. The camel declined to move from his position and must be at long last shot down to recuperate the body.