California wildfires : Death toll reached to 31, hundreds missing


SANTA ROSA: The California wildfires death toll has reached to 31. The rescue operators recovered several dead bodies of victims on Thursday. It was considered as the fatal series of firing.

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The fire occurred on Sunday in California’s wine country. Due to heavy firing, several people lost their residences and more than 190,000 acres of land gets damaged.

On Thursday, breezy winds were hindering the attempts of the 8,000 fire brigades extinguishing 20 flames.

“What this means is that our fires will continue to burn erratically,”┬áCalifornia fire chief Ken Pimlott affirmed.

“We are a long way from being done with this catastrophe,” he stated.

On Thursday, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) proclaimed that blazes took the lives of nearly 31 people and more than 1,100 people are still mislaid.

Natives of Calistoga were being directed to flee from the area and take shelter somewhere else.

The nearby areas in Santa Rosa have been decreased to vestiges. The rescue instructions were issued for extra parts of the destroyed city of 175,000 people in Sonoma County.

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More than 25,000 people have left their homes in Sonoma County due to heavy firing.